General Dentistry in Oakhurst, NJ

At Monmouth Dental Arts, We Treat You Like Family


Earning Trust – One Patient at a Time

Our first goal, from the moment you walk in the door, is to earn a feeling of trust. We believe the absolute best general dentistry we can provide will only take place when there is a strong bond of trust with our patients, and we’re all working together toward the common goals of healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile.


Routine Dental Care

Whether your dental needs are a complete exam, cleaning, or anything in between, our staff will provide you with exceptional care. Your six-month visits keep your teeth clean and healthy and help prevent problems down the road by letting us spot them early. Our general dentist can address your unique concerns and develop a relationship that ensures continuity of care. We look forward to meeting you!


Restoring a Healthy Smile

Damaged teeth not only affect the appearance of your smile, but your functionality in everyday life, too. It’s important to address chips, cracks, or other damage to prevent them from causing further problems later on. Dr. Adly is skilled at providing beautiful, strong restorations for a return to a healthy, natural-looking smile.

Giving You Reasons to Smile Again


A Great Smile is a Confidence Builder

Crooked teeth, worn teeth, fillings, gaps, chips, cracks, and discolorations – you name it, our cosmetic dentist can fix it! It’s no secret that our smiles have a huge effect on how others see us and how we feel about ourselves. Many patients tell us that they would love to fix their teeth, but they assume it will take something extreme to make it possible. They are thrilled to find out there are many conservative options for improvement. Ask us about dental veneers, bonding, dental crowns, and cosmetic dentistry options. We also offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening.


‘Smile Makeovers’ in as Few as Two Visits

If you have misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration, our porcelain veneers may be the answer. This is quickly and painlessly altering crooked teeth so they look like they’ve had years of straightening. Dental veneers are thin, but very hard, sheets of the most advanced dental ceramic available. They are bonded to natural teeth in a way that makes the teeth appear straight and uniform, creating an attractive smile. Another common dental problem is chipped, cracked, or worn teeth. Veneers can be applied to the tooth to completely conceal the chip or crack and also to reshape a worn or misshapen tooth. The veneer is made to match the color of the surrounding teeth and looks completely natural.



A Faster Approach for Straighter Teeth

With Invisalign™ clear aligners, it’s possible to have straight teeth in as little as 9 – 15 months! Clear aligners can correct crowding, wide spaces, overbite, underbite, and even crossbite. No braces, wires, or headgear, and the best part is that no one will know you’re straightening your teeth – because it’s invisible! The Invisalign system is easily removable and allows you to eat and drink what you want while in treatment, and brushing and flossing are no problem. With no wires to be checked and adjusted, you get to spend less time in the dentist’s chair. The lack of braces, wires, or headgear also reduces mouth irritation. So you can have a gorgeously straight smile, discreetly and comfortably, in an incredibly short time!

Our porcelain ceramist does custom shading for your veneers and crowns!

Making Your Best Smile Look Even Better!


Smoother Expressions with BOTOX™ Cosmetic

Imagine how your smile could look even better if facial wrinkles and age lines were removed! Dr. Adly is pleased to offer BOTOX Cosmetic to our patients. In as little as one visit, we can erase lines and wrinkles from around the mouth and those pesky crow’s feet and stress lines on your forehead. BOTOX treatments temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines and can be used to reduce headaches and migraines, as well.



Restore Youthful Contours

With age often comes the loss of volume and elasticity in the skin, resulting in thinness and sagging. We have options for restoring your skin’s youthful freshness. FDA-approved cosmetic fillers such as Juvéderm and the natural healing power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can stimulate collagen, support areas of volume loss, contour specific facial areas, and more. You’ll be amazed at the immediate, long-lasting results!



Eliminate a Double Chin

Are you frustrated by sagging chin folds that won’t go away no matter what you do? We can help! We now offer Kybella™ injections that can eliminate a double chin. Deoxycholic acid breaks down submental fat, improving the appearance of fullness under your chin. Because Kybella destroys the fat cells, one round of treatment (consisting of 2 – 4 appointments for most cases) is all that’s needed. Ask us if Kybella can benefit you!


Complete Care Under One Roof

No need to travel to multiple providers!


A Healthy Smile, A Healthy Body

Did you know that the cause of most tooth loss is not decay? It’s gum disease. And recent studies have established a link between gum disease and your overall health. The good news is that gum disease can be treated successfully, often without surgery. Our commitment to you includes paying meticulous attention to all of your needs for healthy teeth and gums so you not only look your best but also have optimum overall health.


Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause difficulties in chewing and make you self-conscious about your smile. We have an excellent solution – dental implants! After placement of a titanium post, Dr. Adly will custom-create natural-looking restorations. These will match the rest of your teeth, function just like the originals, and be impossible for anyone to detect. Implants can replace one tooth or many, and a full set of dentures can be “locked in” by implants for security and durability. We also offer mini implants, which can often be placed where regular implants cannot. Because we handle the entire process from implant placement to crown fabrication, there’s no need to be referred to another office. Get the smile you deserve – permanently!


Cone Beam Imaging

Cone beam CT digital imaging technology is like a three-dimensional X-ray that is far more accurate than traditional X-rays, takes much less time, and does all this with much less radiation exposure. The dentist’s ability to clearly see the patient’s anatomy in 3-D leads to much greater accuracy for all dental treatment, especially implant placement and any oral surgeries.


Beautiful Dentures for Confident Smiles

If traditional dentures are the best option for you, we can design and fit beautiful-looking dentures that are comfortable and secure. If you are looking for dentures that won’t slip, we invite you to ask us about this option. It will make your life so much easier.


One-Visit Crowns & More

We are pleased to offer restorations made with our new SprintRay™ printer, which can make dental crowns, bridges, nightguards, and even temporary dentures right in the office, while you wait. No more temporary crowns, additional visits, or restorations that don’t seem to fit right. The modern materials reduce cracking, lowering the likelihood of needing future root canal treatment. Due to the custom design and precise fit, SprintRay restorations are bonded to the tooth with the optimum strength available. If you have ever had a crown placed the traditional way, we are sure you will notice the difference!


Preview Your New Smile

Cosmetic imaging allows us to show you what can be done with your teeth and smile before you even start treatment. Computer images of your teeth and gums can be shaped, replaced, added or lightened, resulting in your new smile. It is exciting to actually see your treatment goal.


Relax Through Your Visit

Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as “laughing gas,” is commonly used to make treatment more comfortable. This sedation is inhaled through a mask that allows you to breathe in the medication and induces a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases.


Dentistry Without Drills or Needles?

Is it possible to go to the dentist and never feel the drill or the pinch of that dreaded needle? One of the most spectacular advances in recent dentistry is called air abrasion. Instead of a conventional drill, this device aims a stream of tiny particles and air at the area of decay and gently mists it away! Many patients require little or no anesthesia at all. The sound and vibrations of the drill are gone – and so is most of the pain! For many procedures, it’s goodbye needles, goodbye drill!


Oral Cancer – Are You at Risk?

Did you know that one American dies every hour from oral cancer? And the mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years? The good news is that there’s a 90% cure rate if it’s detected early. We are very pleased to provide one of the most effective oral cancer screenings available today. VELscope™ is the newest FDA-approved oral cancer screening system. We perform the exam using the specially designed light. Any suspicious tissue is immediately and easily visible. This screening could literally save your life!


What Is Oral DNA Testing?

Recent studies and tests have shown a strong link between gum disease and other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer. In our practice we take this very seriously. We employ oral DNA testing to determine any genetic predisposition our patients may have toward inflammatory gum infections. Oral DNA testing allows us to determine not only if a patient is susceptible to gum disease but also the types of bacteria in the mouth so the patient can be treated more effectively. These tests are quick, painless, and non-invasive and will enable us to create a treatment program specifically for you.


Miracle Treatment for Headache and Migraine Sufferers

The NTI™ device is an FDA-approved, drug-free treatment for the prevention of migraine and tension headaches that relaxes the muscles under the scalp to prevent the majority of headaches. In clinical trials, 82% of migraine sufferers had relief of their headaches, with a 77% reduction in migraine events. It’s painless, fast, and NOT expensive. If you experience migraines or know someone who does, then be sure to ask us about this exciting treatment.


TMJ/TMD Treatment

Dental occlusion (i.e. your bite) is sometimes the cause of frequent headaches, aching or popping jaws, shoulder pain, and neck pain. If your teeth have been ground down over the years or lost due to accident or dental disease, your jaw is not able to settle into a naturally relaxed position. This causes tension in the muscles in the jaw, and can lead to a variety of pain that you may have already grown accustomed to living with. The dentist can restore your dental occlusion so the jaw can be returned to the position that nature intended.


Introducing Laser Dental Procedures

Dental lasers are FDA-approved and provide an exciting new way to ease discomfort during dental procedures. Treatments that were previously performed with scalpels or incisions can now be completed with a laser. Less-invasive treatment means improved results and faster healing. We are able to cosmetically treat uneven gummy smile lines, clean and re-contour inflamed tissue around crowns, arrest gum disease, and heal painful canker sores and mouth ulcers with instant relief! The results are absolutely outstanding!

Do You Find Yourself Falling Asleep on the Job?

If you are falling asleep during the day, or snoring loudly or having interrupted breathing during sleep, it may be sleep apnea. For those diagnosed with this condition, modern dentistry has treatment options such as oral appliances. These have been successful for over 90% of the patients and are an alternative to CPAP machines.

Adequate sleep is also crucial for safe driving as it directly impacts cognitive functions such as attention, reaction time, and decision-making abilities. Sleep disorders like sleep apnea affects people’s sleep, sometimes without them even realizing it, and this affects their ability to drive safely. Prioritizing sufficient sleep ensures drivers are alert and focused, promoting road safety for both themselves and others on the road. Here is a guide about the dangers of driving fatigued for this reason.


The ICON™ Method for Tooth Decay

Dr. Adly believes the best dentistry is the least dentistry, and we are pleased to utilize the philosophy of “microinvasive dentistry” with the ICON method. Of course, the traditional way to treat decay and restore teeth with fillings is perfectly valid. One drawback is the loss of healthy tooth structure during treatment. The ICON method allows tooth decay to be treated very early, which means no drilling! Many patients never even need local anesthetic, and it’s completely painless. Monmouth Dental Arts also uses BPA-free filling materials!


Saving Hopeless Teeth

Teeth with roots that have been damaged or infected can often be saved from extraction. In this procedure, Dr. Adly skillfully removes the infected pulp tissue within the tooth and then fills it with a filling material, saving the tooth. With modern anesthetics and technology, root canals are quite manageable.


Goodbye Goopy Impressions

With our new intra-oral scanner, we are able to make accurate digital impressions that usually eliminate the uncomfortable tray and putty impression. It can be used for crowns, Invisalign clear aligners, whitening trays, and more. This technology ensures a more precise fit and improved accuracy, and you’ll spend less time at the dentist and more time enjoying your new smile.


The Importance of Infection Control in a Dental Office

We take the safety of all our patients very seriously. Without proper sterilization of water lines it’s possible to spread contaminants, which can be dangerous. Here at Monmouth Dental Arts, we take this very seriously. We use a system called DentaPure™. It’s the same purification system developed for use on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. This advanced system keeps our water lines free from possible contaminants.


Intra-Oral Camera

The dentist works hand-in-hand with patients to create a bond of teamwork. The amazing intra-oral camera is a miniature video camera that displays a closeup picture of the inside of your mouth. You can see for yourself what work needs to be done and which teeth are doing fine. You then become a participant in each dental decision. You’ll love how this works!


Digital X-Rays

Traditional dental X-rays have been “good enough,” but digital X-rays provide clearer and much more accurate pictures of what’s going on inside a patient’s mouth. This makes it easier for the doctor to diagnose issues. Leaks or breaks in fillings that used to go unnoticed, often leading to root canals, can now be found and treated before major damage is done. We can also view your entire mouth in one shot, including the upper and lower jaws, with panoramic digital images.

Our general dentist in Oakhurst, NJ, looks forward to providing your family with excellent, personalized care.
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