We can provide you with orthodontic treatments that can resolve a variety of aesthetic and functionality issues.

Straightening your teeth or correcting your bite can easily enhance the appearance and comfort of your smile. Having crooked or crowded teeth doesn’t only have the potential to make you feel self-conscious but it can also increase the chances of oral disease and tooth loss.

We have a few different orthodontic treatment options to help you feel confident about your smile. Invisalign and traditional metal or ceramic braces can be used on both adults and teens. Both treatments are proven to be effective but depending on your oral conditions, we will ensure the treatment that is provided is suitable for you.


Orthodontics services


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There is a line between value and quality that must be balanced well. 

We work with most insurance providers and are quick to work out pricing and financing with all of our patients. At Laughter Family Dental, it is our main goal to ensure you, our patient, receives quality treatment every time you arrive for an appointment.

No. We don’t judge you, we’re here to help you. A big fear people have when coming in to see their dentist is a fear of being judged or ridiculed for various reasons.

At Laughter Family Dental we are not here to put you down or point you our. We are simply here to provide a pleasant experience every time you come in to see us.