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Cavities Prevention Tips for Sugar Lovers

Got a sweet tooth but worried about cavities? Here are some clever strategies that go beyond ditching dessert, like choosing cavity-fighters disguised as snacks, mastering the art of post-sugar routines, and leveraging the power of dental hygiene heroes like floss and fluoride.  What Causes Tooth Decay? Whenever food is consumed, the bacteria naturally found inside

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The Diabetes & Gum Disease Connection

Living with diabetes requires special attention to your overall health, including your smile and gums. Here’s how you can effectively manage both diabetes and gum disease with quality products, effective procedures, and the expert dental care provided by Dr. Adly and Monmouth Dental Arts. Cause and Effect According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes is

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Cavity Check: Detecting Tooth Decay Before It’s Too Late

Whether it’s a twinge of pain or a suspicious discoloration, ignoring potential cavity signs can lead to bigger issues down the line. Learn about the different types of cavities, early warning signs to watch for, and simple at-home checks you can do regularly. Remember, early detection leads to easier, more affordable treatment options and a

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Decoding Sleep Apnea

Let’s shine a light on a topic that intersects dentistry and overall well-being—sleep apnea. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea, discovering how it intertwines with your dental health and impacts your daily life. Sleep apnea causes a person to breathe through the mouth (mouth breathing), which can result in dry mouth

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